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  iSTAR Introduction

iSTAR (instant Secure Tunnel Architecture) is UUDynamics' family of next-generation SSL VPN products. The iSTAR platform is industry tested and iSTAR appliances have been in use by our customers since 2003.

With iSTAR we provide a single-architecture solution that successfully addresses the below questions.
  • Are your networks protected only at the corporate perimeter?
  • Is remote access to critical and deeply embedded servers within your network straightforward and simple, or even possible?
  • Are you maintaining many incompatible solutions: IPSec, SSL VPN, Intrusion Protection, Internal Firewalls and Blackberry?
  • Can you effectively lay your VoIP networks over your corporate IT assets?
  • Do you rely on leased lines? Would you consider using a solution over the public internet instead?
These questions taken together are difficult if not impossible to address using IPSec or older SSL VPN solutions. However iSTAR can help address all of the issues raised above.

The old perimeter and gateway centric approach to network security is fast becoming obsolete. Modern security solutions must be both end-to-end and more flexible in their deployment.

iSTAR's unique central application switching architecture allows for unprecedented switching capacity and a host of other useful features. Coupled with dynamic routing for least latency, performance over the public internet can be competitive with that of a leased line, and much more failure-tolerant.

Using a central switch allows placement of protection exactly where it is needed. Remote access is seamlessly secured from the protected resource to the remote user. No changes to your existing network infrastructure are necessary. Even the most deeply embedded resources can be easily, securely and remotely accessed through iSTAR. Protection is no longer provided only at the perimeter, but instead extends to everywhere it is needed.

VoIP demands are often too much to be easily overlaid on an existing corporate network, iSTAR makes it both possible and easy. Moreover, iSTAR can help alleviate the dependency on and cost of using leased lines for most applications.

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