iSTAR Introduction
iSTAR Appliances
  UUCentral is the central switching component of iSTAR. Both UUExchange and UUSwitch appliances can perform UUCentral functions.

UUSwitch is the more affordable alternative to UUExchange for organizations looking to take advantage of iSTAR's central switching features but with 500 or less anticipated concurrent users.

UUExchange supports many more concurrent users and UUAccounts.

The UUDynamics architecture, iSTAR, offers unmatched scalability and integration by adopting an innovative new approach to VPN solutions. Using an application switch, termed the UUCentral, an iSTAR deployment can be constructed as a private network overlay to achieve location-independence, mobility, and optimized routing for global coverage.

Some of the additional benefits of using a UUCentral in an iSTAR deployment are:
  • All nodes can be protected under a single SSL certificate
  • Logical naming for Publishers rather than publically accessible IP dependency
  • Certificate Authority functions performed by the UUCentral
    • Enables issuing of PKI certificates from the UUCentral
    • Can also be used for features such as One-Click Secure Email
  • Improved accessibility for users on Windows Mobile Platforms
For more information on UUCentral or UUSwitch, see the datasheet, available in documents.

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