iSTAR Introduction
iSTAR Appliances
  The UU2000 enterprise SSL VPN appliance offers the best performance at its price for use in organizations needing to support hundreds or thousands of local and remote users.

Built on our superior iSTAR technology, the UU2000 offers unprecedented ease of use and functionality for remote users on a variety of devices for any application. With a simple access control system, low installation costs and linearly scaling growth, the total cost of ownership is incredibly low for such a powerful VPN platform.

The UU2000 supports clustering and high availability for maximum access to critical resources. iSTAR's unique design also requires little or no special network arrangement or configuration, so remote access to deeply embedded resources is both possible and extremely easy.

The UU2000 can be clustered to support over 10,000 concurrent VPN users using the built in load-balancer. No external balancing front-ends are necessary.

Like all of our Publishers the UU2000 supports a host of protection tools including checking the remote user's machine for prerequisite security software and automated local-session cleanup.

User management is very simple and can be defined with broad groups and policies rather than specifying each individual user. A UU2000 deployed in concert with a UUCentral requires no special configuration by administrators or remote users for NAT transversal.

For more information about UUPublishers, including the UU2000, please see the datasheets, as well as the whitepapers on iSTAR, available in documents.

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