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  Case Study: Commercial Bank

Our single largest iSTAR deployment to date is at a large commercial bank, with more than 20 nodes covered under the protection of a single SSL certificate.

Challenges: A global remote management solution for deeply embedded servers and using the public internet as a robust alternative to international leased lines.

This bank has branches on multiple continents and operates complex internal networks at each. However they have dedicated support staff at only two locations. Critical mainframe resources reside deep within their complex internal networks, inaccessible for remote management. In the past, maintenance was performed by deploying an engineer to the site.

Furthermore, to facilitate connectivity between geographically disparate branches, international leased lines were used at great expense to circumnavigate the issue of connectivity between the aforementioned deeply embedded servers.

Solution: iSTAR's UUCentral provides both easy addressability to deeply embedded resources, and secured and optimized routing over the public internet.

By adopting UUDynamics' iSTAR VPN products, the bank has been able to effectively tackle both of these major challenges.

iSTAR appliances are so simple to deploy, the bank's IT staff performed some initial configuration on their appliances, then shipped them to branch offices with the simple instructions of where to plug in the power and network cables. No further special expertise was necessary for deployment and as soon as this was done, the need for flying IT staff all around the world was gone. Addressability and security are accomplished easily with iSTAR.

A leased line is a poor solution for enabling connectivity between two disparate servers. The bank previously relied on such a configuration to facilitate communications between mainframes. The prohibitive cost forced them to rely on dial-up connectivity in the event of a leased line failure.

The Internet is a far more robust network and is not subject to the kind of downtime limitations of a leased line. In addition, the cost of access is trivial by comparison. Using iSTAR appliances and a network of globally distributed UURelays for routing optimization, the bank has found a robust and secure means to connect computers in their various globally placed networks.

The bank was able to drastically improve efficiency of support for their critical mainframes and shed their dependency on costly leased lines. They now operates the largest global VPN deployment under a SSL single certificate in the world. They accomplished this by adopting the superior architecture available only in iSTAR. No resources need be wasted on complicated firewall configuration; nor were risks taken by bringing critical resources towards the exterior of their internal network.

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