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UUDynamics iSTAR offers comprehensive secure access for remote users.

iSTAR delivers a comprehensive remote access solution that is both simpler and more robust than competing alternatives.  

In addition to the features typical of current SSL VPN and IPSec VPN products, iSTAR offers a host of additional features that set it apart.  Among them are:
  • Better than just "plug and play", iSTAR connectivity requires no alterations to existing network configurations whatsoever.  Server placement need not be changed; firewalls need not have holes opened.
  • Complete remote access with dynamic name resolution, drastically reducing the burden on administrators.
  • Location independent standards-based VoIP integration (SIP, H.323)
  • A linear growth structure to ensure future expansion is easy and cost effective.

iSTAR is revolutionary in its ability to protect a large geographically disparate set of nodes under a single SSL certificate, while remaining easily managed.  Our architecture completely obviates the dependency on public IP addresses as well as vastly simplifying internal network naming.  

Remote user stations needn't have special programs installed to enable access to protected resources.  Port forwarding, or lower level IPSec-like connectivity both possess significant drawbacks in terms of ease of deployment as well as potential security vulnerabilities.

Users are presented with a simple and consistent interface independent of where and how they are accessing protected resources.  They can connect from anywhere on any device and they will still get the same easy access they are used to.  Training is trivial because users simply use applications as they are used to.  For example they can use Outlook, rather than an outlook-like application from home, office, hotel, airport, mobile device, or anywhere.  The location constraints for the office largely disappear, allowing, as we say, the network to be the office.  

Administrators can control access through a powerful policy based system, dynamically allowing users access based on groups and other credentials.  A wide variety of authentication methods are supported, ensuring high security and only those authorized users will have access to protected resources.

Applications need not be specially configured.  When a user accesses an application through our unique Teleporting technology, it is as if they were launching the program from within the confines of the protected network.  No hosts need be specially defined, no ports need be opened.  With absolutely minimal set up, applications just work.

iSTAR provides the most granular access control and protection to network resources to be utilized by remote users. Rather than relying on an outmoded perimeter and gateway model for network security, iSTAR allows you to place protection exactly where it’s needed and secures connections from the remote user to the shared resource.

UUDynamics iSTAR is the clear choice for remote access.  Our superior application support, security and ease of deployment set us far ahead of the rest.  The simple administration requirements and linearly scaling architecture ensure that future growth is painless and cost efficient.  iSTAR can even be useful in expanding your networks beyond simply remote access without significant additional cost.  The total cost of ownership is extremely low and the potential return on investment is similarly high.

For further information, please refer to the datasheets and whitepapers available for download here.

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