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iSTAR simplifies VoIP integration

Using iSTAR to aid in the deployment of voice functions on your data network offers a number of important benefits.
  • Special firewall configuration is largely if not completely avoided.
  • People connected through iSTAR avoid public IP address issues.
  • Additional layer of encryption security and integrated authentication infrastructure
  • Reduced latency problems through iSTAR routing optimization
While, deploying a VPN today will address your immediate need for VPN functions such as remote access, only iSTAR will continue to show its advantage as you expand and improve your network. In this case, suppose that you want to extend PBX extensions to users computers or mobile devices, and use your IT assets to establish a VoIP system. iSTAR can help you achieve this goal.

As VoIP technologies such as SIP phones and the like continue to rise in popularity due to improved efficiency and functionality for voice needs, the demands on network administrators also increase. Transitioning from two separate networks, voice and data, to a single data network with voice functions integrated, often requires a substantial overhaul of network configuration. Signaling with VoIP can require a wide range of special exceptions for firewalls and in general relies on an openness of network antagonistic to security-minded administrators.

By using iSTAR, the configuration necessary to firewalls and additional authentication systems is significantly reduced. This makes makes it much easier to both install and administer your combined voice and data network.

iSTAR can be used to ensure proper authorization by all participants connected to the network for maximum security.

Routing optimization allows for users to have low latency functionality anywhere with a good connection to the nearest UURelay. This enables users to achieve an unprecedented geographic dispersion.

For further information, please refer to the datasheets and whitepapers available for download here.

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