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UUDynamics iSTAR: total mobile access.

The rise of sophisticated mobile devices such as phones and PDAs along with the explosive growth of wireless data networks has led to an unprecedented level of mobility for enterprises to grapple with. Customers and employees alike want access to a wide variety of applications from just about anywhere.

Unlike other mobile offerings, iSTAR allows easy and complete integration of mobile devices to your network.  Users on mobile platforms can utilize features such as:
  • Mobile email access that integrates with your network, no server placement reconfiguration involved.
  • SIP integration on mobile devices to extend a PBX extension to a mobile device and make the convergence of voice and data networks as simple as possible.
  • Client/Server applications without the need for complicated and time consuming hostname mapping or network reconfiguration.  
iSTAR delivers connectivity using our unique Teleporting technology instead of more common but less functional solutions such as a reverse web proxy. iSTAR’s unique software avoids these limiting approaches and delivers, for example, not an “outlook-like” experience, but simply running Outlook on your mobile device.

Security is managed in the same way as other iSTAR products.  Industry standard authentication infrastructure is integrated with a simple group and policy based administrative interface to make the allowing and denying of resources simple, powerful and flexible.  Only authorized users will be connect and use only those resources they are allowed to.  

For further information, please refer to the datasheets and whitepapers available for download here.

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